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Corie Baessler grew up his family’s homebuilding business. He started CB Signature Homes 13 years ago and has supervised the construction of more than 400 homes. At CB Signature Homes, we put our clients first. Our simple homebuilding process results in quality homes that our buyers love.

The Process

You’ll meet one-on-one with Corie, not an on-site sales representative. He’ll work with you to customize the plan you want so you can have the perfect home at the price you can afford.

Buyers love us because our pricing remains consistent throughout the building process. Plus, many of our standard features are those that other builders consider to be upgrades. Once we determine your floor plan and features, we’ll give you a price. If there are no change orders along the way, the price you pay is the price we gave you in the beginning.

You’ll make your selections at a local design center where we offer a wide color palette and variety of design elements. Without needing to upgrade, you can create your own style in your favorite colors.

Because we have a consistent building process and work with the same, reliable subcontractors each time we build a home, we can give you a good idea of your closing date at the contract signing. Most builders can’t give you a closing date until they are about a month out. That helps to relieve some of the stress of planning your move. If you have questions during the building process, just ask! We’ll make sure we answer them quickly.

Some builders, especially those who build custom homes, will have the buyer take out the construction loan. We don’t want you to have to worry about that. We carry the construction loan so all you need to worry about is financing for the mortgage when your home is complete. It will be move-in day before you know it!

Meet Our Team

Corie & Paige

Corie Baessler leads the team at CB Signature Homes. Over the past 20 years, Corie has supervised the construction of more than 700 residential projects including large custom homes, quality built smaller homes, and everything in between. Corie is proud to have the best people on his team from the subcontractor level to those involved in the interior designer process, and he couldn’t run his business without them. He is also proud to have the support of his wife, Paige, and his daughters, Remi, Josie, and Jade. They are an essential part of his team as well.

Quality and customer service are the hallmarks of CB Signature Homes. Corie has built his business putting the needs of his clients first. His commitment to integrity and quality has created continuing referrals and enduring relationships.

Corie and the CB Signature Homes team look forward to helping you build the home you’ve always wanted while providing you with a positive, stress-free building experience.


John DeWitt with REMAX Alliance has been a licensed Realtor in Colorado for more than 20 years. As a community-minded Realtor, John has taken on many leadership roles in Northern Colorado, including positions with the Greeley Stampede, Upstate Colorado Economic Development, and the Greeley Area Realtor Association. John is proud to have Cheri DeWitt and Sandy Schlappe as integral members of his team. Their goal is to make your homebuilding process as smooth as possible.


Chris has been the Construction Manager with the CB Signature Homes team from the beginning, supervising the building of every home until its completion. As a second-generation builder, Chris has worked in every facet of the construction industry. His background spans projects from multi-million dollar custom homes to commercial construction.


She’s awesome!

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